Korean-American Artist Yaeji Just Dropped a Dreamy Visual for 'One Dance'

Korean-American electronic music artist Yaeji has just dropped the Alex Gvojic-directed video for her first single of 2018, “One More.” The Brooklyn musician pairs the soft, ethereal rhythm of the track to a dimly lit visual, portraying the artist in different aspects in her daily life with blue and red undertones. It is here where we discover the many sides of the young artist, a theme Yaeji regularly visits through her work. Yaeji's 2016 debut release, EP2, tackled topics including her Korean identity, anxiety, therapy, and her struggle with the beauty culture in a mix of Korean and English. Much like the rest of songs, "One More” picks up the pace with a high-energy dancey climax, which is visually represented by a donnie-darko-esque time warp to a fun little party that we want to escape to. Although Yaeji has just finished up her North American tour, she’ll be heading to Australia in December for a short week-long journey across the Land Down Under. 

Words: Paola de Oliveira