Carling's Digital Collection Utilizes 3D Rendering to Virtually Dresses Customers

Scandinavian clothing retailer Carlings is serving up an entirely unprecedented offering. While their online store only ships to Norway, Sweden and Finland, their digital collection is available worldwide. The zero-environmental impact capsule, titled ’Neo-Ex’, dresses customers virtually, with no product physically being produced, shipped or worn.

The projects works by users uploading a picture of themselves to Carlings then placing an order of items ranging from €10 and €30 (around $11 to $33). Designers skilled in 3D rendering digitally fit the clothing onto the subject within the uploaded image to be shared on social media or wherever the user wishes. Inspired by the rise in influencers, and Skins purchased for Fortnite, this environmentally conscious collection will be directing all profits to support the international non-profit WaterAid. 

Words: Paola de Oliveira
Photography: Carlings