Victoria Roussel Creates Cosmic Worlds that Let Your Mind Wander


There are countless times when the human mind wanders off into an abstract abyss of thoughtfulness, bewilderment and intense imagination. It's sort of the way we detach from the rulebooks and invent our own worlds. Some call it day dreaming, other people call it fantasizing, then there are creative minds like that of French illustrator Victoria Roussel who call it art. Her cotton candy-coated renderings are as dreamlike as they are soul-soothing; connecting each individual to the universe as a whole. The cosmo-obsessed art talent allows her viewers to sit comfortably with their heads in (or above) the clouds by providing a soft, glowing space for them to escape to.


By blending muted pinks, blues, and purple hues and combining them with subtle shades of yellow and red, Roussel's artwork is attention-grabbing without being an eye soar. The roundedness of the figures in each illustration add a gentle touch to the ethereal narratives embedded within each. Find yourself soaring through the stars or floating above mountains as you take in each of the following Roussel pieces below then head here for more!

Words: Vanessa Feder
Illustration: Victoria Roussel