Watch Tommy Cash's Captivating Music Video for "P*ssy Money Weed"

Estonian rapper Tommy Cash has unleashed his first musical effort of the new year and it's all about stunting and indulging in vices. While you may have already guessed after reading the new joint's title, "Pussy Money Weed" touches on topics like girls, Cash's come-up, the paper he's stacking, and not staying sober. Rather than receiving a visual with dollars flying at the strip club or one filled with mansions and cars like we may have expected, though, the new A.G. Cook-produced track is instead accompanied by a dance-heavy music video that truly highlights the limitlessness of humankind.


Whether in a wheelchair, wearing a neck brace, standing tall, supported by blades, walking a treadmill or spinning on the ground, the dancers in "Pussy Money Weed" are one talented bunch. Defying hegemonic views of having "disabilities," Cash's crew of background talents are seen popping, locking, breakdancing, booty bouncing and much more. "I’m just trying to show different people and different places, things that people maybe aren’t so comfortable seeing or going (to)," he explained in a phone call with Dazed. Watch the video in full by pressing play in the feature image above.

Words: Vanessa Feder