Calling all Sneakerheads: There's now a University Program Dedicated to Sneakers


It's more than evident how popular sneakers are these days. The introduction of collab after collab, limited release after limited release, has only wound sneakerheads up into more of a frenzy with every rumored or legit announcement. Becoming the reseller with a stash of multiple pairs for an unthinkable re-sell price was all the rave for a minute, but soon the stigma attached to that hustle started to permeate throughout the game. There's a deeper and more significant way to become a part of the vast industry and ambitious creatives want to contribute to it in meaningful ways.


Currently, there's been more emphasis placed on the other facets of the sneaker industry with university programs dedicated to teaching how the life of a sneaker comes to fruition, from A-Z. The University of Oregon has been leading the way in this field of study with their comprehensive Sports Product Management program, which was created to attract newfound design talents to the sneaker industry. With much to offer due to the multi-disciplinary approach of the program, students aren't forced into a silo when it comes to understanding the business of creating sneakers. This program strikes a balance between the marketing and product design that goes into a shoe, offering students a chance to receive an all-encompassing, multi-disciplinary academic experience. Head over to Sole Collectorhere for a detailed account of the program and the depth it goes to produce the next generation of the sneaker industry's brightest creative and business talents.

Words: Blair Milbourne