The Insane Civilian-Run Libyan Armed Trucks Used in Battle


Photographer James Mollison has a portfolio of abundance that does not lack in range. He has made his way across the globe capturing all facets of humanity–from the sensitive portraiture of children in the confines of their bedrooms (Where Children Sleep, November 2010) to energetic and exhausted concert goers (The Disciples, 2008)–the Kenya-born, England-raised Mollison's prolific body of work continues to pique global interest.

Back in 2011, Libyan's resisted Qaddafi's exhaustive 41-year-old dictatorship regime, resulting in the dictator commandeering attacks on those who protested his rule. Not long after when Qaddafi went into hiding in May of that year, Mollison made his way to Libya to document a central tool that the protestors relied upon to help the insurgence: the "Technical" truck. These civilian-helmed trucks were heavily armed with weapons. Mollison, then on assignment for COLORS Magazine, set up a camera at the final check point and captured these vehicles of war just before they headed into battle. The end result of his time there were a number of photos capturing the valiant civilians riding upon their steel chariots just before battle.

Words: Blair Milbourne
Photography: James Mollison