Lauren Lepore Curates Exhibition Showing Off NY's Raw Side


New York native Lauren Lepore understands the true grit, beauty and wonder that her hometown holds. Not only has she seen the concrete jungle change over time, but she has documented its vibrance and the raw energy it oozes out (and attempts to maintain) with her camera. Now, amidst a time where gentrification seems to be seeping into very corner of the metropolis,  the film pro has thoughtfully curated a photo exhibition exposing authentic visual perspectives of the city. The result? A collection of imagery from various NY natives dubbed A New York State of Mind.


Like Lepore's own visual poetry, her purposeful compilation of local photography talent reveals the one-of-a-kind element soaked into New York's fine details. Whether it be a blurred capture of a young man skating across a bridge or the upward-angled snapshot of someone enjoying a smoke out their window, each selected image offers a small piece of New York's puzzle-like narrative. You can learn more about A New York State of Mind by checking out Hunger Magazine's chat with the curator and make sure to stop by Flattops Gallery in Queens before February 11th to catch the showcase in person.

Words: Vanessa Feder