Kate Bellm Captures Female Liberation Beneath the Sea in 'Underwaterworld' Series (NSFW)


British-born photographer Kate Bellm has always proven to be a pro at capturing nudity in the most elegant, authentic and natural of ways. And if we're being completely frank, nudity is natural. Bellm's work just translates this innate state of being into gorgeous works of art that not only flatter the body, but portray it as one with Mother Earth. While we've marveled over the liberating works from her NIGHT SKY RISING exhibition and commented on the gritty nature of her visual displays in the past, a few life experiences have granted the talented photo artist an opportunity to take more water-submerged offerings.


After moving closer to the seasides of Deia, Spain with her husband and child, Bellm has added quite a few below-the-surface images to her ongoing Underwaterworld series. With an obvious knack for making use of light and bodily movement, the image-maker captures kaleidoscopic patterns grazing the backs of her models as they dance, glide, and swim about. "We generally start by going on a swim and finding little sea caves and underwater rocks that look beautiful to shoot with," Bellm explains in an interview for i-D. "Then the girls dive down and explore." View a few of her gorgeous sea-drenched renderings below and head here for a full profile of her work.

Words: Vanessa Feder
Photography: Kate Bellm