Photographer Franck Bohbot Captures an Eclectic View of Los Angeles


French photographer Franck Bohbot took a scenic journey from his base in New York and traveled to the sunny sides of Los Angeles, California. Despite the conflicting perceptions of the entertainment hub, everyday living quarters, and supposed "city of angels," Bohbot managed to capture a seemingly quiet-yet-still-alluring view of the palm tree-ladden location. From the breezy coastal beach sides to the glowing signs of movie theaters and street lights, Bohbot's vast representation of Southern California provides a multifaceted glance at the often glamorized city of LA.


Pictured above and below are examples from the photographer/filmmaker's "Angels" series. Obviously named after the one-of-a-kind location, Bohbot's recently published collection of imagery is lathered in soft hues and muted pastels as if to provide a subtle gaze of the city's eclectic character. Bohbot describes his efforts while expressing, "Here, even the metallic glinting pole of exercise equipment along the shoreline, or a solitary streetlight in neon darkness, or a thrust of power lines cutting across the sky, captures something essential about the so-called 'city of angels.'" Scroll through the distinct viewpoints of Los Angeles below and head here for his other projects.

Words: Vanessa Feder
Photography: Franck Bohbot