Erich Brechbühl Brings Posters to Life With Multi-Dimensional Designs


Just like picking out a poster to slap onto the narrow walls of a dorm room or to decorate a bare space in an office or apartment building with, trying to choose our favorite Erich Brechbühl poster is no easy task. The award-winning artist from Sempach, Switzerland is known for his uber-creative design work in the branding, editorial and poster-making worlds. Taking his craft beyond just the artwork itself, Brechbühl has even founded his own design studio dubbed Mixer and co-founded Lucerne's poster festival known as Weltformat. So, what makes his graphic displays so engaging? Let's take a look below.

Although it isn't always easy to reimagine letters, numbers, colors and objects into a stimulating arrangement, Brechbühl knows the trick. If we attempted to explain his collection of elaborate posters to an unfamiliar audience, a few words in the description would include attention-grabbing, dynamic, clever, fresh and multi-dimensional. The established graphic designer not only uses vibrant hues to make his work pop, he also adds depth by implementing an illusory element to his posters. Browse through some of Brechbühl's designs below before hitting play above to watch a poster-in-motion!

Words: Vanessa Feder