roseboy666 Gives a New Pulse to Underground French Rap With ‘SOLEIL NOIR’


A well-crafted beat provides the pulse for music. It’s a sonic string that ties together song with melody, heart with soul. Oftentimes a sentiment weaved within music can be felt solely through the production, telling stories that are felt without having to be spoken. But it takes tastemakers and game-changers to create a new sound reminiscent of a mood or specific scene. Highlighting today’s generation of gloomy underground rappers in France, emerging producer roseboy666 makes his mark on the alternative music scene with authentic sounds that take both listeners and artists outside the comfort zone and into raw emotion.

Releasing his first-ever EP this Thursday dubbed ‘SOLEIL NOIR,’ roseboy666 enlisted the likes of alternative talents Timothée Joly, NXXXXS, .dxf and RETRO X to experiment with new sonic grounds. “My wish was to bring these artists in a place when they are not used to go” roseboy666 explains. With a mixture of melancholy offerings like the artist’s new “Meurtre” (“Murder”) joint with RETRO X and uplifting tracks such as “E.LLE  est maudite” (“S.HE is cursed”) written by Timothée Joly, ‘SOLEIL NOIR’ presents young listeners with something they can relate to: the ups and the downs. Listen to the new release to get the weekend started early and snag the physical copy of the project here.