Google Fonts Enhances Korean Type Design Options


Google Fonts provides a comprehensive and simple approach to selecting eye-pleasing typography and embedding it into your very own design project. Only recently though, the library dedicated to open source designer web fonts figured out an efficient way to add a variety of Korean typeface designs to their database. While Korean fonts were formerly available via their Early Access System, Google Fonts had yet to eradicate the latency attached to downloading the large-file typography. Thanks to the hard work of Google Engineers who figured out how to condense the rather large character sets and file sizes of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (CJK) font files, web designers and developers now have access to the catalog's Hangul alphabet!

Technologies such as WOFF2 and CSS3 allowed the Google Fonts squad to divide big file fonts into subsets and shorten their loading time. To show off the the more-efficient typography, they called on E Roon Kang of NYC design studio Math Practice and data visualization designer Wonyoung So to develop a site showcasing an interactive display of the newly added type designs. Get a taste of the innovative site above and have fun clicking your way through it here.

Words: Vanessa Feder