Zip Around Town in This Rad '90s Custom Honda EZ Rider


Let's be honest here, the '90s where awesome. It's a step up from the undeveloped technology we had in the '80s, yet it maintained all that vibrant, radical flair. Here to bring it all back in the form of a motorized scooter is custom bike builders Deus' Milano chapter. For his blast-from-the-past project, Milano took on arguably one of the stranger Honda innovations, the Honda X-ADV 'adventure scooter,' which originally stemmed from Honda’s main motorcycle design studio in Kumamoto, and its R&D facility in Italy, hence it's perplexing design.


Officially dubbed "Cub Cubed," the retro makeover takes full cues from the Cub EZ 90 (known as the "EZ-9" to some), another two wheeler that blurs the line between adult vehicle and Fisher-Price toy. But while we do enjoy the sleek, dark beasts look of motorbikes in general, the sheer awesome throwback of the Cub Cubed is hard to ignore. Speaking on the bike and its inspiration, Deus' Filippo Bassoli explains, "In some ways the EZ 90 is almost a toy. So we decided to play too. The structure faithfully copies the original lines, but in XXL format. It took hundreds of hours of hard work: we built a model from which the molds for the carbon fiber fairings were made." Check it out in all its "far out!" glory.

Words: Alexander Lendrum