Chris Stamp and Ikea Collaborate on Streetwear-Inspired Collection


If you’re familiar with Chris Stamp’s avant-garde approach to streetwear through his Los Angeles-based fashion label Stampd, then you already have a good foundation for appreciating the designer’s new collaboration with IKEA. Dubbed SPÄNST, the newly available home goods collection is the perfect marriage between Stampd’s cutting-edge minimalism and lifestyle-focused style. The 25-piece collection not only includes your usual IKEA offerings such as wardrobes, chairs and shelving, but also a number of goodies related to sports, music, and streetwear.

Ideal for skateboarders, musicians, ball players and creatives alike, SPÄNST offers a variety of room-related pieces that encourage consumers to take their outdoor lifestyle home with them. Stand-out pieces such as the indoor basketball hoop, LED light sticks, duffle bag, skateboard, wire mesh wardrobe and sneaker storage units give young folks a modern way to reimagine their living space. Take a peek at the collection above and below and pick out your favorite items before their release in May.

Words: Vanessa Feder