The Third ASICS WTG Event Brought Paris’ La Gaîté Lyrique to Capacity


Stepping into Paris’ go-to center for digital art and modern music, attendees are always looking to be impressed by the installations and exhibitions presented within La Gaîté Lyrique. Last week’s event, the third ASICS WTG presentation in Paris, was no different. Collaborating with digital art studio ExperiensS, the interactive displays of the two ASICS silhouettes being highlighted, the trail-ready GEL-Fujitrabuco 7 and monochromatic GEL-Kayano™ 5, were absolutely mind-bending. 3D renderings of each highlighted model were presented over, under, and within a gel-like substances reflective of ASICS’ legendary GEL cushioning technology. Those present were able to use hand gestures to move, shape, and mold a gel texture revealing the upcoming GEL-Kayano™ 360. Along with the surreal displays, boutique Parisian streetwear label Drône brought their beautiful yet technical garments to be styled digitally and physically to the runners being celebrated.

Past the showroom, 1,400 of Paris’ creatives walked through the main hall of La Gaîté Lyrique to the sound of Paris native BAMBZ’s feel-good rap mixes, while everyone got ready to watch the incredible performances from the world-wide lineup. Representing ASICS’ roots, rapper YDIZZY and collaborator No Flower, from Tokyo collective kiLLa, brought their rapid-fire lyrics and heavy beats to show the crowd exactly how hard Japanese hip hop can go. UK grime artist Novelist didn’t disappoint, delivering his powerful bars and bass-heavy rhythm in a candy-colored ASICS tracksuit. Parisian rapper Zidi represented the local culture, and was joined by another ASICS collaborator and favorite from the French Capital, Youri. DJ and producer KRAMPF rang in the end of the night full of energy, getting the late-night crowd to repeat along to PSG’s signature ‘Paris’ chant. Although there was much hype around different happenings during Paris Fashion Week, the buzz from the WTG event is still being felt. Staying true to ASICS’ commitment to substance over hype, everyone who attended the event experienced the dedication to uplifting amazing artists, musicians, designers and products. To find out when and where our next WTG event will be, stay updated with ASICS and with us here at UNRTD™.

Words: Paola de Oliveira
Photography: Stéphane Sby Balmy