Paris' Third WTG Event Will Feature Worldwide Sounds Through a Heavy Lineup

ASICS’ history is coming alive thanks to the musical lineup set to perform at WTG’s third edition in Paris. Representing the local culture, DJ and producer Krampf will bring his eclectic combinations of dance and hip hop, while BAMBZ will bring his bass-heavy rap mixes to get the night started. A set will be performed by rapper Zidi, a rising star in Paris’ underground scene, embodying the electric energy of the French capital’s creative youth. South London’s grime prodigy, Novelist, whose latest album Novelist Guy was produced by the legendary Abbey Road Studios, will also take to la Gaîté Lyrique stage. The mindful lyricist will bring a colorful, global reach to the lineup, mirroring ASICS’ world-wide influence.

Headlining the event will be rapper YDIZZY and collaborator No Flower, who first made a splash with the viral hit, “BMW” in 2015, and has been climbing the Japanese charts ever since. YDIZZY, along with his collective of musical creators fittingly called kiLLa, are the latest emergence from the Tokyo rap movement. Surprising to those who are not familiar with ASICS’ background, the sneaker label and YDIZZY’s roots are intertwined, by both sharing a Japanese origin story. The WTG lineup will not only be a selection of hand-picked amazing entertainers from around the world, but it will tell ASICS’ story, from a humble shoemaker in Japan to a worldwide player in the sneaker game. Learn how you can score a spot on the guest list here. If you can’t make it, keep an eye out for a live broadcast on our Facebook and Instagram.

Words: Paola de Oliveira