Unseen Photos of an All-time Art Legend


You know you're an acclaimed profile photographer when you've worked with the likes of Nelson Mandela, Elie Wiesel, Robert De Niro, Madonna and Keith Haring amongst several other notable figures. Add the iconic Jean-Michel Basquiat to your list and you know you've got something special. Richard Corman is the renowned photo talent we are hinting at who recently unveiled his exclusive, unseen photos of Basquiat from 1984. Despite his already-impressive repertoire of legendary photos, Corman's new unpublished profile Basquiat not only says a lot about both the person behind the camera, but also the New York street artist in front.


If you scroll through the images provided above and below, you'll find fairly intimate snapshots of a straight-faced Basquiat. Undoubtedly one of the influential painters, social critics, and graffiti legends of the '80s, Basquiat has always let his art speak for itself. When asked to be a model himself, however, his presence shines through in inexplicable ways. What we enjoy about Corman's 20 limited edition portfolio release is the way Basquiat speaks through the 12 selected photographs with his body language and mesmerizing gaze. Without props or distracting backdrops, the series of photos accentuates a personal story behind the eyes of the art legend himself.

Words: Vanessa Leder
Photography: Richard Corman