Meet Toronto's Talented Photo Artist with a Distinctive, Moody Steez: Othello Grey


Toronto's creative scene has gotten some spotlight as of late; with artists like Drake, Daniel Ceasar, and Dvsn making grounds in the music world and putting their city on. But while the Canadian metropolis has been booming with artistic talent for some time now, setting oneself apart and gaining international recognition is no easy walk in the park. Then there are go-getters, like photographer Othello Grey, paving their own lane in the fashion scene. Having been called on by the likes of Vogue and SSENSE to deliver captivating editorial displays, it's safe to say that Grey must have a knack for image-making. But what is it that makes him stand out amongst fellow photographers on the rise?


For one: this is nothing new for Othello. From once shooting personal projects of friends and peers to now making his name in the commercial photography scene, Grey has put in the time it takes to enhance his self-taught craft. Secondly, his point of view is his own. His imagery maintains a moody, introspective and dark vibe that adds extra interest to the clothing, people, or locations he is showing off.  With a distinct eye for a good capture and burning desire to innovate the art form, there's nothing standing in this guy's (or his city's) way. "I think in terms of my relationship with Toronto, I want my legacy to be that guy who knew about everything going on and was very involved," he explained to Paper Mag. "At the same time always working really hard to progress." Peep his work below and follow the visual mastermind on Instagram (if you aren't already on one thousands).

Words: Vanessa Feder
Photography: Othello Grey