Watch as Candide Thovex Skis All Corners of the World for Audi Collab Video

Three years back, Audi teamed up with French ski pro Candide Thovex for a clip of the seasoned athlete jumping over roads, dodging obstacles, cruising grass slopes, and landing in the rear of an Audi Q7. Now, the two have continued their collaborative efforts with a video of the ski talent soaring high, landing, and gliding over pretty much all corners of the world. As someone who doesn't consider myself to be the most daring of folks per se, there's something about the "Ski the World" video above that undeniably gets my blood pumping! And, although I've never even touched a pair of skis, I can almost feel the adrenaline catapulting my body forward as if I were the one riding the ocean waves, desert sands, mountain ranges, Great Wall, grasslands, volcanic ash and tropic lands like Candide. Since his ski journey started in the French Alps at age two, though, I'll leave it to the professional.


What's most mesmerizing about the four-minute clip is Candide's deftness and smooth approach to some of the most incredible tricks in some of the most unorthodox of ski locations. Equipped with custom designed freeride skis and only retiring one ski out of the 15 pairs used, Candide has proven to be a master of his craft. Let your eyes grow big as you watch it all go down in the jump above.

Words: Vanessa Feder