Tommy Genesis Drafts Charli XCX for a Remix on Unapologetic Track "100 Bad"

tommy genesis

Tommy Genesis has recruited British pop princess Charli XCX for an update of her already-fire track “100 Bad.” This amazing link up between the two stars culminates in a sultry and seductive verse added to the Charlie Heat-produced banger. Charlie XCX’s valley girl flow is a perfect pairing to Tommy Genesis' bad girl track. On the collaboration, Tommy was quoted saying “Charli is an amazing artist, she just gushes talent. After we made Bricks [for Assassination Nation], I sent her 100 Bad because the song needed a new powerful force, and she absolutely killed it.”

The self-described “fetish-rapper” debuted her self-directed video for the original track last week, making it the lead single for her highly anticipated debut album. Although her first album is set to release later this year, Tommy Genesis has already made a name for herself with the the heavy-hitter single, ‘Tommy’ and dreamy track ‘Lucky.'

Words: Paola de Oliveira
Photography: Good Machine PR