Supreme's Full Archive of Artist Skate Decks and Accessories are Being Shown at a LA Gallery

On December 2nd Los Angeles based gallery Jason Vass is welcoming a complete archive of Supreme artist skate decks and accessories for a two-week show entitled Inferno. The 248 skate deck collection spanning the past twenty years is being loaned by sole owner Ryan Fuller. Paired with Fuller’s Supreme stash will be Yukio Takahashi’s massive stockpile of every Supreme accessory ever released.

Other than the pinball machine, Takahashi is loaning out a total of more than 1,300 pieces. Just the skate deck range is estimated to be worth more than $2 million dollars. The exhibit is curated by gallery owner Vass and Christion Lennon, founder of skate and streetwear brand Brotherhood. Authenticated by StockX, the pieces in Inferno will be available for art dealers to bid on through Sotheby’s on the last day of the showing.

Words: Paola de Oliveira
Photography: Madeline Tolle