Southern Footlights: Uncovering The Culture of Stock Car Racing in the American South

Harrison Albert is a young American photographer and graphic designer based in Savannah, Georgia. His latest photographic series, titled Southern Footlights, manifests itself as a comprehensive compendium of images aiming at documenting the emerging stock car racing subculture in the Southern United States.

In this project, however, multiple elements densely merge and interact with each other. Faces, dusty bleachers, racetracks and car-bodies highlighted by hyper-saturated colours are just, in fact, interdependent components of a passionate yet thoughtful visual research that ultimately leads to the portrayed subjects, drivers and mechanics ingeniously caught by Harrison a few hours before the race.


Beneath the arch of a red and orange sunset, Harrison’s protagonists rise up beyond the artfully erected fence, giving us only a glimpse of that fascinating cultural landscape made up of insatiable ambitions and fleeting rivalries. To learn more about Harrison Albert's current and future projects, click HERE.

Words: Valeria Giampietro
Photography: Harrison Albert