This Revamped BMW R100 Motorcycle was Inspired by Hammerhead Sharks


Although the holiday season really should be one dedicated to loved ones, the act of giving and a sense of introspection, maybe just one treat to yourself wouln't hurt. This season, we have our eyes on a revamped BMW R100/7 motorcycle dressed in all black and hints of grey, mirroring winter's evening skies. Named after the sharks who swim by day and prey by night, the Dresden-based motorcycle craftsmen at Hookie Co. have customized the donor bike and renamed it Hammerhead. Ideal for cruising mid-day and illuminating the streets after hours, this upgraded motor bike is definitely at the top of our wish lists.


The matte black beauty you see above has been gifted with lowered front suspension, a steel tube rear frame, all-terrain tires, Motogadget RFID-Keyless System and made complete with LED rear lights, headlights and spotlights. As if all the gadgets and gizmos weren't enough, the Hammerhead just looks badass. Unfortunately for us, this bold and daring riding machine is already on its way to it's future owner living on a small farm in the Austrian Alps, so we will just have to admire the predator-like vehicle in the photos provided below. (Perhaps it really is the season for appreciation.)

Words: Vanessa Feder
Photography: Hookie Co.