Facebook and RED Have Finally Unveiled Their Spherical 3D VR Camera

Facebook and digital camera manufacturer RED have unveiled the highly anticipated 3D VR camera. The Manifold is a ball shaped collection of 180-degree Schneider lenses that utilizes sixteen Helium 8k sensors to capture a complete VR video with one take. The resulting visual is a high-quality 360 recording that is sensitive to the movements of a human head. Ultimately, the ability of the volumetric camera has been described to capture “infinite perspectives to be generated from any direction within a field of view.” While there has been months of teasing, the official release date has not been confirmed. The coveted camera will be relatively accessible with support for third-party storage and processing tools, although the high price tag that will presumably be linked to the cutting edge device will keep it limited to only the few who can afford it. Watch the video above for a closer look at the Manifolds features.

Words: Paola de Oliveira