Multidimensional Imagery from Photography Duo, Luke & Nik


It always seems like "the dream" to work side-by-side with a friend, but rarely does it go as planned. Perhaps it's because despite the connectedness, two close homies have different perspectives and ways of going about their business. Or maybe they've just got the formula wrong. For Luke Norman and Nik Adam (professionally known as Luke & Nik) however, becoming a photography duo was a no-brainer after finding commonalities between their artistic styles while studying at University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, England. Now based between London and Copenhagen, the two image-makers infuse their keen eye for sculptural composition with a passion for exploring alternative settings which allows the two to prosper as a unit.


The most captivating aspect of Luke & Nik's imagery is the way they weave additional dimensions throughout each photograph. Whether a portrait of a model's face or a random prop positioned for an abstract close-up, Luke & Nik allow shadows, light, color and angles to tell the unique narrative behind each complete image. Browse through some of their dreamy works below and head here to review more of their multi-layered commercial and editorial offerings.

Words: Vanessa Feder
Photography: Luke & Nik