PC Erotica is a Newly-Launched Publication That Explores the Sex and Tech Revolution


The newly released Ditto Press publication, PC Erotic, is a female-led cyber-fied version of a trashy Y2K porn mag. Artist, model, and now editor Iris Luz spearheaded the project, which mixes satirical and investigative pieces exploring technologies’ impact on human sexuality while celebrating liberal and queer sex. This contemporary porn mag creates a new space within the traditional, male-dominant industry, while also nodding to the erotic publications of the past.


Photographer Viktor Naumovski captures digital sex artist Maria Forque for the cover, airbrushing and photoshopping her appearance, transforming her into a genderless other worldly avatar. Within the glossy pages the mag hosts a satirical piece that reports on a protest against the use of prosthesis-enhanced pornstars, an article exploring the “bimbofication” sub-culture, a very non-traditional how to guide and more. You can find the newly-launched Issue One of PC Erotica at London’s Arcola Street Studio or online.

Words: Paola de Oliveira
Photography: PC Erotica