NY Skateboarders and Their Cribs Lensed by Jonathan Mehring

New York media outlet Jenkem Magazine joined forces with award-winning photographer Jonathan Mehring to capture skateboarders off the streets, out of the bowls, and in their humble abodes. Featuring NY boarding talents Antonio Durao, Bill Strobeck, Brian Anderson, Marcus Waldron and Sean Pablo amongst several others, the series gives viewers a more intimate view inside each of the skaters' personal lives through the gaze of their bedrooms. 

Perhaps more exciting than seeing the skateboarders mid-air is seeing what belongings they decide to tuck away in the corners of their own cribs. While some maintain a very simple, minimalistic vibe within their rooms, others line their dwellings with floor-to-ceiling decorations including rugs, posters, books, artwork, and even an occasional snack. “Whatever stage in life you find your own bedroom reflects, I think there’s something present in these images for everyone,” Mehring explains. “From anything-goes-loft-living to inspirational skate photos on the wall to hanging plants in the corner, these details show a personal side to people you might know only through their skating.” Get a taste of each of their different lifestyles below.

Words: Vanessa Feder
Photography: Jonathan Mehring