Joji Releases a Blank-Faced Music Video for “Yeah Right”

For those of you still stuck on George Miller’s YouTube personalities Filthy Frank and Pink Guy, it’s time to honor his emergence on the music side of things. Seriously. No longer just creating a name for himself on his absurdist channel, Miller has began stamping his mark on the music world and flooding the ears of trip-hop and R&B listeners alike. Under the moniker Joji, his music takes you on a heart-wrenching trip into his melancholic, lustful and introspective reflections. While we’ve seen a museum-worthy visual to back up his “Demons” track and an action-packed music video for “Window,” Joji’s new offering dubbed “Yeah Right” receives a totally different treatment.

Butts bouncing on his unwavering straight face, no signal on the television screen, brief moments with a guitar at hand and several instances found wide-eyed and alone, the newest music video for “Yeah Right” is something totally new for the artist. Still maintaining a dark and lonely vibe, Joji switched things up with a homestyle visual that offers several glances into a kaleidoscopic (almost memory-like) emotional stream of consciousness. Watch for yourself above.   

Words: Vanessa Feder