Nobuyoshi Araki's Colorful Book of Erotica, Flora, and Tokyo Cityscapes (NSFW)


Contemporary photography pioneer Nobuyoshi Araki is unveiling a brand new publication just as 2017 comes to a close. Oftentimes known for his staged, erotic captures of women, this new photobook sees another side to the multi-dimensional image maker. Entitled Blue Period, Last Summer, Araki's latest offering stays true to the nudes and intimate portraiture of his past efforts while lathering the imagery in vibrant hues. Amongst the collection of erotic photography, the artistic title is interspersed with images of floral arrangements and Tokyo's cityscapes.


Colliding the worlds of art, photography and philosophy, Blue Period, Last Summer is unlike the previous work we've seen from the Japanese photo icon. Araki met with the photography publishers at Dashwood Books explaining, "The two films should be seen as a set, since Blue Period is about the past and Last Summer is about the future. By removing color using a chemical solution, Blue Period is about an act of subtraction (past), whereas adding color to the images in Last Summer is about an act of addition (future). This project is just like life itself."  If you are too antsy to await the book's December release date, pre-order Blue Period, Last Summer for $80 USD here after browsing through the images below.

Words: Vanessa Feder
Photography: Nobuyoshi Araki