Ride out in Style With Nike's Custom Jet & Car Fleet Celebrating the Air Force 1


Nike brand has been an iconic stamp of culture for decades now, from people lining up for days in order to brandish its name and iconic Swoosh logo, to the avid collector with rooms full of all things Nike. It balances between coveted cult status and the mainstream, and there's no denying that anyone from your dad to the most stylish influencer is more than happy to represent. But while sporting Nike and its Swoosh on your persons is cool and all, imagine rocking up to something in a Nike-emblazoned Mercedes, Spyder Bike or even a Lamborghini Aventador? Actually scrap that, we're heading over to our next underground party in this Nike clad Cessna Citation XLS private jet!


Introducing Nike's fleet of cars and jet, a collaboration project with Munich-based retailer BSTN and the now defunct Roc-A-Fella Records that celebrates the iconic Nike Air Force 1. We've seen Nike collaboration campaigns before, but this one definitely takes things up to a whole new level. The AF1 homage made perfect sense for the three BSTN founders, all of which grew up during the silhouette's golden years. As for the customized, crisp black & white fleet, we find a "Can-Am Spyder bike signifying ACRONYM’s Air Force 1 and Errolson Hugh’s technical, deconstructed philosophy; a Mercedes-AMG G 63 representing Just Don’s contribution, the only high-top from the capsule; a Lamborghini Aventador giving a nod to Travis Scott’s Forces and the rapper’s life in the fast lane, and a Cessna Citation XLS private jet pointing to the Roc-A-Fella iteration."

Words: Alexander Lendrum