Nike Taps Alyx Designer Matthew Williams for Data-Driven Capsule


New York-based brand Alyx has been dropping fashion gems left and right since its debut in 2015. Taking off as a sophisticated womenswear-focused label and emerging with avant garde menswear just two years following, the luxury streetwear label is known for pushing style boundaries with a sleek, bold flare and utilitarian edge. As the former creative director for Lady Gaga and Kanye West, the brand founder knows how to construct a wide variety of wearables that weave together art, functionality, style and sustainability. Needless to say, Alyx brainchild and designer Matthew Williams is impressive at his craft. Recognizing his one-of-a-kind approach to spinning everyday steez, it’s a no-brainer why Nike tapped Williams to be the mastermind behind their brand new capsule collection.

Largely inspired by Nike’s 2017 AAE capsule along with data-driven design, the Nike x MMW collection transforms the way we sport our favorite training gear by using Atlas maps to relay heat and sweat zones. “What computational design and computer data can offer is really the future of design,” Williams explains. “It allows us to see things or take things further than we might otherwise. It helps to create a different perspective that we can build around. Working in tandem — with data and emotion — is super interesting.” Preview the gear in-motion below and look out for the tech-inspired, human-infused capsule to drop July 12.

Words: Vanessa Feder
Photography: Thomas Welch