Artist Maxim Zhestkov Returns With Another Hypnotizing Digital Art Film

Russian visual artist and motion designer Maxim Zhestkov creates extraordinary visual stories via digital design and animation. Through his work, Zhestkov pushes the viewers perceptions of reality but creating hyper-surreal art films. His latest piece, titled Layers chronicles a black cube as it morphs and opens, revealing it’s colorful core. Placed in a fictional gallery space, the monolithic black square is dissected with an invisible force, showing its juxtaposing center. Before receiving a masters in graphic design and fine art, Zhestkov studied architecture, a theme reoccurring throughout the series he launched in 2017. By placing each impossible sculpture in his each short, including Elements and Volumes, inside an imaginary exhibition-style room, the audience is forced to view the object as tangible art. These explorations are always matched with his own mesmerizing sound design. 

Words: Paola de Oliveira