Mark Whalen Brings Vibrant Totems to Arsham/Fieg Gallery


Next up on the list to takeover the Arsham/Fieg Gallery at KITH’s SoHo store in New York is sculptor/painter/multi-media art wiz, Mark Whalen! Born in Australia and based in Los Angeles, Whalen explores diverse universal narratives throughout his work with rich hues and familiar figures. His latest masterpiece is a compilation of vibrant totem-like sculptures dubbed "Grab Bag."

From fruits and faces to abstract objects, "Grab Bag" presents a piled-up, multi-dimensional interpretation of various aspects of the everyday. Best explained by the artist himself, "In this new series of 3D sculptures, I am manipulating the idea of the traditional totem and creating these playful compositions where I have been taking iconic everyday objects, interacting familiar shapes, ambiguous figures and celebrating them through a series of problem-solving constructions." "Grab Bag" launches May 28, so if you’re in the area, go on and check out these colorful, stacked scultpures for yourself!

337 Lafayette St
New York, NY 10012

Words: Vanessa Feder