Provocative Close-Ups from Photographer Marius Sperlich


Perhaps similar to that feeling you get during a first date after the avoidance period and back-and-forth cyber messaging, getting up close and personal to things/people can often evoke an uncomfortable response. Pulling his followers out of the comfort zone, Marius Sperlich concocts riveting close-ups with bizarre, lustful and often humorous results. Based in Berlin, the talented photographer and art director zooms his audience into parts of the body in creative and crafty ways.


Although not aimed at invoking a particular sentiment within his audience, Sperlich does seem to want his viewers to tap into an emotion of some sort. His vibrant imagery of lips, noses, eyes and teeth are as in-your-face as you can get. What we admire about Sperlcih's body of work is his use of color, light and narrative-focused additions to create a sensory experience and stimulating work of art. Whether it's a blinged-out Dior across a model's teeth or a red paint smear across someone's eye, he never strays from coming up with innovative ways to flip a close-up. Scroll through some of our favorite images from the photo artist below and hit that follow button on his IG for your own daily dose.

Words: Vanessa Feder
Photography: Marius Sperlich