Lusha Alic's Sensual and Mysterious Portraiture is Dripping With Personality


When a portrait exposes a glimmer of a model's personality to the viewer, the photographer has done an impeccable job of using their lens. While a straight-on, blank-faced photograph can also shed light on someone's inner being, the subtle quirks that remain distinct from person-to-person are not the easiest aspect to capture. For Slovenia-born photographer Lusha Alic, however, infusing her artistic touch into the raw visual portrait of her model's character appears to be a specialty. Whether it be Kendrick Lamar softly smiling while drenched in red hues, Tyler, the Creator biting his lip while doing lord-knows-what on his phone, or Luka Sabbat showing off his bling while dressed in a silk robe-like top, Alic is there to make sure the moment happens and is documented authentically. Aside from the big contemporary hip hop and stylist names, though, Alic's recent imagery of "girls with knives" maintains a mysterious, sensual and obscure mood.


Lusha Alic is an image-maker for the "outsiders." Through her bold and eccentric imagery she challenges "normality" and pushes her following to appreciate the diversity in self-expression. Whether it's the neon-dipped views of model Anhell or the majestic portraits of the aforementioned rap stars and creative entrepreneurs, she's not compromising the peculiarities of life within her work for anyone.

Words: Vanessa Feder
Photography: Lusha Alic