Fall Through the Cracks of KangHee Kim's Visual Dreamworlds


Seoul-born, Brooklyn-based photographer KangHee Kim creates the type of imagery that you'll want to fall inside of. She's an artist that can turn cracks in the pavement and holes in the wall into the gradient-filled paradise of your dreams. Specifically her Street Errands series is what will lure you in and trick your perception. Her surreal portraits of cities around the U.S. are delicately collaged with paint-like scenery which make their impossible magic seem quite possible. Instead of questioning how the use of Photoshop has enhanced these images, let's just get lost in the ethereal worlds we've always wished for.


Similar to her other previous works like the kealedsicopic renderings of Mirrors or the mesmerizing visual mashups of her Magic photobook, Street Errands is the perfect mix of mundane and alluring. Kim's deliberate placement of fantastical landscapes amidst the everyday viewings remind us that with your imagination, the sky is the limit. Unknown to some, a lot of her U.S.-taken photos are pieced together, reimagined and completely altered as if to find her own sense of freedom due to VISA restrictions prohibiting her to travel. Escape the dullness of everyday and scroll through some of our favorite shots from the innovative visual storyteller, KangHee Kim.

Words: Vanessa Feder
Photography: KangHee Kim