Tokyo's Rap Squad kiLLa Drops Their Very First Album: 'Genesis'


In an effort to share the multitalented efforts of Japanese musicians around the world, Unrated has teamed up with ASICS for an ongoing collaboration dubbed WAVES (bringing immersive experiences and performance-based events showcasing Japanese talent outside of the island nation). During Paris Fashion Week 2018, we held our second WAVES edition in the basement of ASICS House Paris and tapped KEPHA, Blaise, Arjuna and No Flower of Tokyo-based hip hop squad kiLLa to close the night. Needless to say, they killed it. Now the multi-person crew of rappers, designers, and producers have unleashed their debut album to start off 2018: Genesis.


Genesis shows off the versatility of the lyricists and producers as a collective unit who bring a unique hip hop sound to Tokyo. The 13-track effort has an overarching dark feel that is enhanced by the ominous beats and deep-toned lyricism. Some of our favorite tracks from the first listen through would have to be turn-up track "Murasaki," bouncy hard-hitter "Whole Lotta Gang," and their slow and sentimental "Nakama" joint. Go on and take a listen for yourself by hitting play in the Spotify link above and make sure to watch our interview with the Tokyo rap clique here.

Words: Vanessa Feder
Photography: Rémi Ferrante