Classic Cars and Glowing Nights in 1970s New York City


NYC-born, New England-raised and now Mississippi Delta-based photographer Langdon Clay has spent several years journeying around the United States and beyond to deliver compelling imagery of various subjects. From unique architectural works and gorgeous interiors to mouth-watering foods and lush gardens, Clay has developed a keen eye for capturing the kind of imagery ideal for decorating an elegant coffee table or blanketing the interior of any shelter magazine. Often giving his non-human subjects a personality of their own, the East Coast native documented old-school cars and their unique characteristics over a period of three years during the mid '70s. The result is a collection of classic car models tucked in different corners of Manhattan and the neighboring streets of New Jersey.


Clay gives each automobile their moment of fame by making sure to catch the vehicle in isolation. The vintage four-wheelers sit under the spotlight of glowing lamp posts and neon lights; as if on display for late-night viewing. A few of our favorite titles for the classic cars include "Pet Rock Car," which stands hood-up for repairs while positioned behind a pile of cement debris, and "Silver Fish Car," which glimmers in the night while parked outside of Manhattan's Con Edison substation. Peep some of his car-centric imagery below and head here to view the entire series.

Words: Vanessa Feder
Photography: Langdon Clay