Explore Our Worlds Most Beautiful Basketball Courts


Basketball courts for many can seem a little bleak. Sun stained, delapitated or even broken, there are many local spots that are well due an upgrade. If you're lucky enough, this upgrade could very well fall in your court, much like the spots you can see here. Thanks to photographer Kevin Couliau, we get a glimpse at the many basketball courts around the world that have been graced with an artists touch, turning what was once a mundane playing ground into works of art.


Documenting basketball courts run the in the veins of Couliau, a creative who has already published works that highlight these playgrounds, namely his 2012 documentary Doin' It in the Park, where he showcases New York's most iconic local courts and retraced the history of the city's pickup basketball scene. As for this set of images, Couliau goes on to explain to VICE why he took that particular image. So have a look at his work here, but head over to VICE's original article to hear what it's all about from the man himself.

Words: Alexander Lendrum
Photography: Kevin Couliau