Exploring Builders Club's Incredible Design Concepts for NikeLab & Riccardo Tisci

We've now come to a point as consumers and people of the digital age where information is practically forced fed to us. Not only that, but there's so much of it–too much of it in fact. This is why good story telling is more important today than ever before to help distinguish purpose and meaning behind what we're putting our efforts into. A fine example of integrity behind story telling is London-based creative studio Builders Club, helmed by Jonas Hegi and Julien Simshäuser. While their portfolio is a formidable one that's well worth exploring, not just for those within the design world, we're focusing on their efforts for NikeLab's collaboration with renown designer Riccardo Tisci.


Their input into the Tisci x NikeLab project marks their latest work, and sees them focusing on the medium of motion graphics. The collaboration's own designs sees Riccardo elevating NikeLab's products to glamorous heights, which fits perfectly with Builders Club's polished yet abstract creations. As for how they were given their briefing, "For the kickoff, Nike sent us some photographs of the clothes and some information around the overall concept of the collection by Riccardo Tisci," the two creative designers explain to It's Nice That. With a lot more to delve into the project, be sure to check out the original article here, and check out a few examples of their Riccardo Tisci x NikeLab work throughout.

Words: Alexander Lendrum