Kali Uchis Grows her own Flower Boy for "After the Storm" Music Video

Kali Uchis and the young Flower Boy have teamed up with funk master Bootsy Collins for a '60s-inspired music video filled with Bootsy groceries, Tyler, the Plant Man and a love-hungry Uchis dubbed, "After the Storm." Taking place in the most sterile suburban neighborhood we've ever seen, a stoic-faced Kali Uchis sings of moving forward despite the inevitable hardships of life. "So if you need a hero, just look in the mirror. No one's gonna save you now, so you better save yourself," sings the smooth R&B talent while maintaining a tranquil demeanor throughout the effort.


Following a trip to the market and a few items added to her cart (a can of Bootsy's FUNKY Condensed Vegetable Soup, a jar of Bootsy's BODY SLAM Hot Sauce, one yellow bell pepper, a can of lobster and a packet of grow-your-own-Tyler seeds to be exact), the Columbian songstress is well on her way to brighter days. Watch as Kali Uchis grows her own lover and later sits as a chia pet side-by-side with Tyler, the Creator in the jump above. Also be on the lookout for other soulful joints just like this to appear on Kali Uchis’ highly anticipated album dropping this spring.

Words: Vanessa Feder