Watch us Follow JP THE WAVY and Hiyadam Through the Alleys of Shibuya in New Video

Tokyo-based rappers JP THE Wavy and Hiyadam are having a moment. Fresh from their two collaborations on energetic tracks Bukkake and Wakaranai the duo is teaming up again to perform next week at the ASICS House Paris for the first edition of WTG. In this exclusive interview we accompany the pair through their native stomping grounds to learn more about how the architecture, fashion and culture ingrained within the Japanese capital influences and inspires them. The artists explain that although they have both rising to the top of the Japanese rap scene, they don’t see this as a limit, but as a jump-off point to achieve much more. Watch the pair show us their favorite spots within the Shibuya district all the while wearing the latest sneaker release, the GELSAGA OG from ASICS

Words: Paola de Oliveira
DirectorLasse Kusk
Assistant Camera: Joël Cruz
Styling: Saki Otsubo 
Location Manager: Karolina Johansson