Jorja Smith Plays the Hitwoman in her new "Let Me Down" Music Video Featuring Stormzy

Just last week, Jorja Smith dropped sentimental single "Let Me Down" with grime talent, Stormzy. Whether you stared longingly into the distance, cried your heart out, or merely let the beautiful ballad sink in while listening, the British soulstress' powerful vocals provided an unbelievable sonic journey through love and heartache. Now adding a twist to the melancholic effort, Jorja delivers an official music video for "Let Me Down" staring herself as the new James Bond. (Well, a blonde hit woman who's forced to complete murder over delving into love.)


This four-minute Hector Dockrill piece captures the tale of an assassin (Jorja) falling for her target (a ballet dancer) while facing the internal battle of love versus carrying out the task at hand. Watch the story unfold as you catch glimpses of Jorja and her dance lover in the theater, in the dressing room, and even making love. Stormzy, the man behind the crime scene, makes his grand appearance just as the effort is about to close. Press play in the feature above to find out how it all goes down and head here to revisit the song itself.

Words: Vanessa Feder