36 Erotic Polaroids from Nobuyoshi Araki (NSFW)

Contemporary photography pioneer and controversial shooter Nobuyoshi Araki has taken risks with his craft for for six decades now. From stylized nudes and representations of the ancient Japanese fetish of “Kinbaku” (rope bondage) to imagery of vibrant cityscapes and floral close-ups, Araki's work never fails to reinvent the way we visually interact with sex and the world. His erotic captures of women explore themes of lust, power, and naturalness;  both praised and criticized by the masses, but talked about nonetheless.

Instead of the staged views of intimate moments like we are used to seeing from the artist, a newly released series of Araki's Polaroids now gives fans and analysts a more candid look at his subjects. All taken on his Polaroid 600, the set of 36 instant-photos highlights the image-creator's unique eye for erotic, dreamlike and authentic stills. While the £10,000+ Piero Bisazza Collection of Polaroids is currently closed for bets, we’ve provided you with sneak peek of the series above and below.

Words: Vanessa Feder

Erotic-Polaroids-Nobuyoshi Araki-4.jpg