Duran Levinson Delivers a Warm Visual Gaze of Shangai


Cape Town-based cinematographer Duran Levinson turned his adoration for photo taking and discovery into a full-time career to live on and travel with. And isn't that the dream? To wake up and go to sleep loving what you do? By way of analog photography and digital cinematography, Levinson produces stunning imagery which reflects his extreme passion for visual storytelling. His yearn for seeing new horizons fueled the 28-year-old artist to obtain a five-month residency with Shanghai-based video production imprint, High Horse Studios. A perfect match for international creatives looking to collaborate on personal initiatives and client-based work, Levinson ended up falling in love with the new space and snapping some incredible shots.


Over time, Levinson warmed up to the new living space and was quickly inspired by his surroundings. "I love the clash of modernity with ancient culture, which makes for great juxtaposition and photo opportunities," he explains. "The people in Shanghai are super friendly and the attitude is very much ‘each to their own’." His resulting captures not only showcase Levinson's open attitude toward roaming his new living quarters, but also the receptiveness of the folks caught on camera. Take some time and piece through "The Many Faces of Shanghai" below and head here to see more of the photo talent's body of work.

Words: Vanessa Feder
Photography: Duran Levinson