Cinematic Portraits From David Lynch’s Erotic Photo Book, 'Nudes'


Filming. Acting. Painting. Music. Directing. Screenwriting. Photography. If it’s creative, David Lynch has probably given it a shot. Many may know the multi-talented artist for his American drama series Twin Peaks or mystery-drama Mulholland Drive, but as of late, Lynch has something quite different up his sleeve. Tapping into his love for image-taking and creating intimate visual displays, the photographer unveiled an erotic photo book filled with various close-ups and abstract views of the bare body, suitably dubbed Nudes.


Glimpses of the book appear to be just as cinematic as Lynch’s iconic film work; his close attention to light, focus, angle, and contrast adding a particular depth and soft intensity to the naked figures in front of the lens. The 240-page publication boasts over 100 images of feminine nudes, both in black-and-white and color. If you're a fan of Lynch's cinematography, head here to learn more about his latest collection of still imagery and/or place your order.

Words: Vanessa Feder
Photography: David Lynch