Get Lucky With Albert Tercero's Colorful World of Simply Witty Illustrations


Have you ever stepped into a museum and found beautifully painted displays and immaculately crafted sculpture works just to be left wondering, what does all of this mean? Situations like those sometimes make you wonder if art is more palatable when it's plain and simple. Or perhaps it's just a matter of taste. In the event that you've come across the work of illustrative talent Albert Tercero, you probably did a lot more chuckling than you did questioning what you were staring at. Keeping it straightforward, the Barcelona-based freelance artist comes up with vibrant drawings that are quite uncomplicated in nature yet still creative in intent. Infusing elements of pop art styles and a handful of bold colors into his artistic renderings, Tercero gives his audience imagery worth thinking about (without getting completely lost).


Recently, the illustrator teamed up with sports enthusiast Valentí Sanjuan for a series of 100 postcards. Some of our favorites include the smiley-faced pepperoni pizza postcard encouraging you to find something worth grinning about and the double aces illustration which highlights the feeling you get when dealt a good hand (but you still have to keep that poker face on). Browse through some of Tercero's hilariously witty pieces below and head here for a full viewing of his body of work.

Words: Vanessa Feder