Artist Daniel Arsham Transforms Pop Icons and Gallery Walls


Snarkitecture co-founder and multi-disciplinary artist Daniel Arsham pushes his 'Fictional Archaeology' concept in two concurring solo exhibitions in Tokyo’s NANZUKA and Galerie Perrotin. Arsham's signature style includes altering known contemporary articles to deteriorating artifacts from a past time, using his unique technique of casting modern objects from earthly matter. Known for challenging our ideas on reality by re-interpreting everyday materials, Arsham picks the gallery wall as a new medium for exploration. By blending the sculpture and wall via a curtain-like stark white plaster, Arsham’s life-sized body casts eerily stand amongst NANZUKA’s gallery floor. Called “Architecture Anomalies” these large-scale installations reach and interact with the galleries architecture and onlooker, forcing an engagement between person and surrounding. 


At Galerie Perrotin, a selection of re-imagined recognizable cartoon characters are being shown at “Color Shadows.” Using his latest technique of dusting color chiaroscuro pigment, and sourcing original fabric patches, Arsham presents typical pop culture figures in a new dimension. On display until June 30th, Arsham's latest work continues to generate a new effect with his unexpected use of color, material and space. 

Words: Paola de Oliveira