Boiler Room and Gaika Partner for an Intimate Portrait on British Immigration Through Music

After partnering with British musician Gaika on SYSTEM, a month-long film, music, and interactive installation, the creative platform Boiler Room has released the final installment of a series of short films accompanying the August celebration. Also overseen by Gaika, the four-part set, Migrant Sounds, further supports SYSTEM’s mission to explore the impact of migration on music in the UK and British Culture. The first three episodes of Migrant Sounds focus on arrival, racism, and identity, while the finale encapsulates the legacy of the project. Themes of immigration, “blackness”, anti-authoritarianism, cultural expression, are embedded within each short, which follow young musicians as they navigate their own identities and experiences as British immigrants through their art. Watch the entire intimate and culturally significant series here

Words: Paola de Oliveira