Bandit9's Futuristic Odyssey Bike is Truly Ahead of Its Time


We thought we had already witnessed the most futuristic version of a contemporary motorbike back when Bandit9 unveiled their "Dark Side" beast. Today folks, we stand corrected. This time the expert motorcycle-customizers made time travel look all too real with their most recent two-wheel stunner, the Odyssey. In fact, just looking at the new-and-improved model is like gazing at an immaculately sculpted work of art. The Odyssey is the definition of seemingly effortless top-notch design– infusing discreet technological elements in the inner workings of the bike while showcasing a sleek and smooth outer body.


How "top-notch" you ask? Would the implementation of Avionics to guide the ride, a foam-infused saddle covered in Italian leather for comfort, a see-through vanishing LED display and a choice between the booming 1400cc V-Twin or quiet dual-drive electric engine for a personalized experience entice you? What about a steel unibody to set you apart from the other "old school" rides our there? It's as if Bandit9 skipped December and headed straight into the New Year just to come back and reveal the bold and beautiful possibilities ahead. Check out the Odyssey from every angle in the photos below.

Words: Vanessa Feder